Your listing is under contract, that’s good news. But your work is not done yet, and the last thing you want is a delay. Use this list of eight easy tips to make sure the home inspection goes smoothly.

1. Give Them Gas

The inspector needs the gas (including pilot lights), electric, and water supplies on. Make sure all the utilities are turned on and in working order.

2.  Fur, Tails & Scales

Whether we’re talking about a poodle or a 10-foot snake, the inspector doesn’t want to deal with pets. It’s important that you warn the inspector about any pets to avoid surprises. Better yet, have the homeowner take pets with them or secure them somewhere outside the home.

3.  Light it Up

Take the time to check all the lights. Something as simple as a burned-out bulb can result in an “inoperable” on the report.

4.  Running on Empty

A homebuyer wants to know that the HVAC system is working well, and an inspector can’t properly test it if the thermostats have low or dead batteries. Check the batteries in the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, too. When in doubt, always replace the battery.

5.  Dirty Dozen

First, locate all the HVAC filters. Hopefully, this isn’t the first time the homeowner has changed them. Make sure they are clean. If there’s a question at all, replace them.

6.  Ants in The Plants

Two words: conducive conditions. If there are trees, plants, a wood pile or other debris up against the home, now is the time to trim them back or remove them. Inspectors must report these areas because they can attract termites, ants, wood boring beetles and other wood destroying organisms.

7.  Locked & Loaded

No, I don’t mean weapons (but it’s not a bad idea to secure or remove those, as well). I’m referring to locked spaces that the inspector will need access to. If the attic is locked, make sure to leave a key or leave it open. This is also a great time to move any boxes, or other storage items out of the way. The inspector does not want to move old furniture and holiday decorations to access the attic, crawlspace or backyard garages.

8. Repair or Replace

Now is not the time to set DIY records, but if the homeowner can safely and confidently repair things that are currently broken (windows, doors, cabinets, knobs, and the like), let them go for it. If not, reach out to a professional handyman or contractor to get the to-do list taken care of.

When it’s time for the home inspection, it makes sense for you or the homeowner to be there to greet the inspector. It helps if the homeowner gives the inspector a cell phone number to call in case the inspector has questions about where something is or how to access it.

A little proactive effort on your part can keep the sale of the home moving quickly.