Complimentary With All Full Home Inspection Service

Complimentary With All Full Home Inspection

100 Day Home Inspection Guarantee

Starts the day of the inspection and either goes out 100 days, or 22 days after you close, whichever is longer


RecallChek will give you an idea if one of the major appliances may be on a recall list and provides information for possible repair. You can use this forever as you buy or replace appliances and any other 1house hold item that has a model and serial number.

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SewerGard is a brand new program that could help defray the cost of a sewer line issue. This is important, since a home inspection is not tailored for testing how a family stresses the plumbing when everyone are using the bathrooms, running the dishwasher and washing machine during the morning when they are all getting ready for the day


Program We can set up all of your utilities, including gas, electric, phone garbage, internet, cable/satellite TV, etc. One call to help you get all set up to move in.

Home Owner’s Resources

The Home Owner’s Resource is a free one stop technical support website which allows the Client to ask a professional their home-type questions and receive back answers quickly. This is great for first-time home buyers.

Five Year Roof Protection Plan

The Five Year Roof Protection Plan is a program that will repair leaks to your home’s roof for up to 5 years following the date of the inspection.


MoldSafe is a program that will treat for mold remediation if any mold is discovered after the home inspection is completed, going out 90 days, or 22 days after closing, whatever is longer.

Radon Protect Plan

Ever cringe when the Radon report comes back at 4.0 pCi/L or just below and the client is worried? This plan will pay for a Radon Mitigation System if the client pays for an additional test and it comes back high.

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