While a slow-flowing faucet may be a sign of larger plumbing issues, it’s often a quick fix. Take the following steps to diagnose the issue.

1. Check the Shut-Off Valve: Check that the shut-off valve beneath the sink is fully in the on position. Stored items sometimes knock this valve out of place. If the shut-off valve is in the on position but pressure remains low, there may be a blockage in the faucet’s sediment trap.

2. Check Sediment Traps: Turn the shut-off valve to the off position, take the faucet apart and remove any buildup or blockage from each chamber. Put the faucet together again and check water pressure.

If neither the shut-off valve nor sediment traps seem to be the cause of the low pressure, contact a professional to check your home’s plumbing for damage or leaks.